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10 Reasons to hire JOE’s FENCE, Inc.


1)      Quality Workmanship – Our installers take pride in their work. Like Joe says “Do the job right the first time!” We tell our employees to take their time and make sure the job is done to the customer’s satisfaction. No shortcuts or second grade installations with us. Our reputation is way too important to us!


2)      Experience – Joe (the owner) has over 25 years experience and our other installers knows our strict policy with regards to how important it is for our customers to be happy with every aspect of the job.


3)      Customer Satisfaction - Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with our service and installation and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen. We can supply you with lots of referrals from past customers who were extremely pleased with our company.


4)      Insurance – We have a $1 million dollar liability insurance policy and we are covered by workers compensation. Some companies don’t have coverage because these insurance policies cost a lot of money. This is a very important issue for customers because if anything happens on the jobsite and the contractor doesn’t have insurance then the homeowner can be held responsible. Don’t put yourself in this position. Ask for a Certificate of Insurance from your contractor to protect yourself.


5)      Timeliness – When we give you a date for installation we will be there (of course weather permitting). Some companies will tell you they will be there in two weeks and you won’t see them for two months. Once they have your deposit, they just make you wait until they can fit you into their schedule.


6)      Guaranteed Price - The price on our contract is “A Guaranteed Price”, no additional hidden charges after the job is finished. The only additional charge may be for pins (due to rocks or roots) but we will discuss this fee with you before we begin the job. Many times if we only use a pin or two, we don’t even bother to charge.


7)      Ease of contacting us – We supply our cellphone numbers right on our business cards and our website. If I’m in the office, I’ll answer the phone even if it’s after hours. We’ll also take your calls on Saturday and Sunday. We don’t make you wait days to get a return call, if we’re not here when you call, we’ll definitely call you back as soon as we get your message.


8)      Warranty – Our suppliers offer warranties on their products and we offer a warranty on our installation. We offer a
5 YEAR WARRANTY on INSTALLATION. Most companies will give you one year, maybe two.


9)      Contract – We make our contract as specific as possible so we both have a full understanding on what we will do for the contracted price. We take 50% deposit when you sign the contract (so we can order the stock) and the remaining balance is due when the job is complete.


10)  Better Business Bureau –Do a search on all companies before you make your decision.


We’re not a member of the BBB because I don’t like the way they do their ratings. Our company has an “A” rating (which is great), but there are other fence companies who also have an “A” rating and they have lots of complaints. I don’t feel that’s a fair representation of businesses.


Go on their website and click on “Check out a business or charity” and type in the fence company name. Don’t pay a lot of attention to the rating letter because many have the same rating, although they shouldn’t. You need to go further down the page and look at Customer Complaints, that’s where you’ll find the important information. See how many complaints they have against them in the last 36 months. Then click on “Average time to respond”. This will tell you how this company deals with complaints. I looked at one company that took over 300 days to respond to a complaint, that tells you a lot right there. Remember that for every complaint that the BBB received, there were probably several other customers who were not happy with this company, but didn’t report it to the BBB. This is a really good place to see the truth about companies. Read them thoroughly before you make your decision.


One final thought before you make your decision and it's an important one to think about:

You will NEVER hear anyone from our company call down any of our competition because that is not how we do business. We want our customers to have an unbiased view of both our company as well as our competition before you book your job that’s why we suggest you check everyone out at the BBB website. We don’t have to (nor do we want to) call down our competition. Most of our business comes from referrals and repeat business and even in this slow economy our sales continue to beat the previous years sales so we know we are doing things the right way!
If a company has to call down other companies to get your business, maybe you should be a little leary of them.
Ask yourself this: “Why do they have to resort to this unethical level?”
Usually what that means is that they don't have anything positive to say about their own company so they just say negative things about their competition. Think about it!


This sheet has offered you 10 reasons why we believe our company is your best choice. After you have thoroughly checked out our company and our competition we hope that you agree with us and chose us to do your fence installation so we can prove to you that we are not just all talk “we mean what we say”.

We thank you for taking the time to read this information and look forward to doing business with you!



Joe & Trudy Hughes



"Quality Workmanship at Excellent Prices"!

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